IE 7

I’ve never been a fan of Internet Explorer. I used Netscape starting with version 2.0 and only switched when Firefox came around. So I’ve never bothered to upgrade my XP development machine to IE 7. Then I read this post from Scott Hanselman about how a sizable chunk of his visitors are still running IE 6. He linked to a web site that’s actually devoted to getting people to upgrade. I’ve heard all the stories about IE 6’s particular horribleness, such as poor CSS support and a generous helping of security holes. But I didn’t care.

Except Scott somehow made me care. So I upgraded my machine and I must say, IE 7 loads pretty fast, way faster than Firefox 3. I suppose it’s good to stay current, but when Microsoft feels it has to change pratically everything with each new release of software, it makes it hard to really want to upgrade. I dread the day I’ll have to move to an OS beyond XP. Maybe Windows 7 won’t be as bad as Vista, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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