Windows service management using WMI

After reading this post at StackOverflow, I realized that I was probably wrong to think it was OK to directly access the registry keys that Windows uses to keep track of installed services. Though the names and locations of the keys probably won’t change any time soon, it’s always better to use a higher level of abstraction when dealing with Windows internals. In this case, WMI fits the bill very nicely.

I had not written any WMI-related code up til now, simply because I’ve always been able to find other methods to get the information I need. But after reading that post and knowing of a particular program of mine that does access the registry directly to determine the start mode for a service, I decided to re-write that code to use WMI via the System.Management namespace in the .NET framework.

I came across a couple of different C# samples on the web and was able to modify them to fit my needs. Below is a new class I created for service management that will hopefully grow over time.

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