Too Funny

As I was putting the final touches on my Bookmark browser project, I came across this:

That’s delicious, because I strongly suspected Mozilla wasn’t interested in improving Home or fixing any issues with it. Yet another reason I wanted to build a replacement. They have published the iOS Sync client source code that Home was built upon at GitHub. It would be fun to use that code and learn Objective-C while building a new app, but first I need to get a Mac. Maybe next year…

It seems a developer has taken that ball and run with it. He posted a new app in the app store that is essentially the same as Home. I’ll be giving it a try.

Later update
OK, this is lame. He basically took the Firefox Home source code, removed all references to Mozilla, slapped on a new name, and submitted it to the App Store. All the same flaws are there, including the re-arrangement bug that I hate.

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